Middle School BBQ Lunch and House Games

Middle School
11:50 am, Friday, 13 September, 2019

Location:Middle School
Event starts:11:50 am, Friday, 13 September, 2019
Event ends:3:15 pm, Friday, 13 September, 2019
Details: All Middle School students will enjoy a complimentary BBQ lunch on the grounds in front of the Middle School. Students can change from regular school dress into their House t-shirt and school shorts at lunch and remain dressed like that for the rest of the day. House t-shirts for students new to the Middle School will be distributed. We will have regular classes in the first period after lunch. Then, from 1:30-3:15pm, House activities and games will take place on the fields in front of the Middle School. It's a great way to build school spirit in the early part of the new school year!

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