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Junior School
3:15 pm, Tuesday, 16 April, 2019

Location:Junior School
Event starts:3:15 pm, Tuesday, 16 April, 2019
Event ends:4:15 pm, Tuesday, 16 April, 2019
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Dear parents:

This term we offer rugby to our students in grades 4 and 5. This year the team is quite small and so we would like to offer rugby to our grade 3 students as well. These practises will be held on Tuesdays and Fridays from 3:15 - 4:15 p.m. on the following dates:
April 5th, 9th, 12th, 16th, 23rd, 26th, 30th, May 3rd. There will be some games on some of these dates (to be confirmed) however we will not be offering these opportunities to our grade 3's. Exhibition games do not have weight restrictions, thus some of our grade 3 players might potentially be tackled by much heavier grade 5 students. However, on May 10th we can enter a grade 3 team in the Victoria Rugby Jamboree grade 3 category.

If you would like your son / daughter to play rugby, they must have a mouthguard. These can be purchased for $6 from any major sports store or from our Campus Store (located in School House at the Senior School).

Please send me a short email to let me know if your child will be participating.

Yours sincerely,
Gary Barber

Dear parents,

It is very exciting to write and inform you of the Mini Rugby program that is being offered to boys and girls in Grades four and five at SMUS!

The season will run from April 2nd -May 11th, 2019.

The season will consist of approximately two practices per week Tuesday and Friday afternoons( 3:15-4:15), a number of exhibition games arranged with other local schools (listed below), and participation in the 47th Annual Greater Victoria Mini Rugby Tournament on May 10th.

I will be coaching the team this upcoming season with the help from Mr. Gary Barber, along with Coach Jayme Forrest. If you have any questions or need clarification please feel free to contact me at school or via email Marcelle.Kitengie@smus.ca.

There are a few things that are important to know about Mini Rugby before you give permission for your son/daughter to participate.
Mini Rugby is a modification of the game of Rugby designed specifically for younger players. Teams of 9 players attempt to carry the ball over their opponent’s goal line. The other team tries to prevent this by tackling the ball carrier. The game emphasizes teamwork, running and passing, and is ideally suited to boys and girls at the Grade 4 and 5 level.

In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all players, proper tackling techniques are taught moving in progression from light contact to full contact as the skills of the players increase. Rules are strictly enforced and, initially the coaches are on the field with players to control the safe development of the game.
We will be teaching the proper tackling technique from the very first practice to ensure each child is well versed in the art of tackling and how to get tackled.

Furthermore, safety is promoted by having the boys and girls play in appropriate weight divisions.

These divisions are;
Red: under 36.5 kg (80lbs),
Blue: under 42 kg (93lbs)
Green: under 50kg (110lbs)
White: over 50kg (110+).

Coaches from all schools have agreed to make modifications on game days to allow for all members to participate safely.

All players will require mouth guards for both practices and games. I suggest you buy at least two mouthguards and have the students keep one in their desk or cubby in case one goes missing. Soccer cleats are needed for both practices and games. SMUS PE uniforms are expected for practices; in addition if the children have other rugby jerseys at home they may wear these for rugby practices.

A consent form must be signed and returned to the school before your child will be permitted to participate. The first practice will be, Tues. April. 2nd at 3:30pm. If your child is interested and would like to come out and give it a try they are more than welcome to come and find out what it is all about.

There is Touch rugby available on the weekeds as well. This is not a requirement to partake on the team but an extra highly recommended option available for those who wish to continue honing their skills. Grade 4’s are at 11am-12pm and Grade 5’s are at 12pm to 1pm
Dates of practices for the 2019 season.

(Please note that the schedule is subject to change. You will be notified of any changes)

2 Tuesday: Practice 3:15-4:15
5 Friday: Practice 3:15-4:15
9 Tuesday: Practice 3:15- 4:15
12 Friday: Practice 3:15-4:15
16 Tuesday: Practice 3:15-4:15
20 Friday: Practice 3:15-4:15
23 Tuesday: Practice 3:15-4:15
25 Thursday: Game @ TBA 3:30-4:30
(Pick up at at 4:30 TBA or SMUS junior school 5pm)
26 Friday: Practice 3:15-4:15

30th Tuesday: Practice 3:15- 4:15
3rd Friday Game @ Willows 3:30-4:30 (Tackle)
(Pick up at Willows at 4:30 or SMUS Junior school 5pm)
4th Saturday: Playing at halftime of the boot game. Time TBA
7Th Tuesday: Practice 3:15- 4:15
11th Rugby Jamboree at Lambrick Park 10am-2pm

If you have any questions or need clarification please feel free to contact Coach K at Marcelle.Kitengie@smus.ca.

The Junior School Office

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