Export Calendar ICS file

Step 1

Select items to export
(Hold CTRL or CMD to select multiple)
(optional) Select calendar categories
(Hold CTRL or CMD to select multiple)

If no categories are selected, all calendar items will be exported.

Selections are cascading, so if you choose "Senior School: Athletics" the system will also provide all of the events in each subcategory

Step 2

Then copy and paste this URL into your calendar application. The procedure varies depending on your application, but generally you want to add a new Internet calendar with this as the URL:


Or, click this button and import the generated ICS file into your calendar application. If you choose this method, you will receive a snapshot of the calendar. If you choose this method, the calendar will not automatically update. You will have to come back here regularly to receive updates.

Having trouble?

If you're experiencing difficulty getting the calendar export to work, please contact us for assistance.