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Welcome to the St. Michaels University School Online Application Centre.

St. Michaels University School is committed to being a green organization. By applying online you are reducing the amount of paper used to process your application.

Please note: Parents with more than one child can use the same online application account for all their applications.

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If you do not have an account for our online application system, please create one using the button below.

Accounts should only be created by parents of students seeking admission to SMUS, not by students or admissions agents. Once an account has been created, a parent can name an admissions agent to be involved in the rest of the admissions process, if they wish. Please ask the parent to create this account.

If you already have a son or daughter who attends SMUS, please note that your password to access the on-line application is not the same as your SMUS student account number.




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